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My Mission Statement:

As a holistic energy coach, I help people align themselves with their greatest good emotionally, physically and spiritually by way of different holistic practices.

As a children’s book author on metaphysical topics, my goal is to teach and empower children towards their greatest potential.

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My Journey

Throughout my childhood I often talked to animals and nature spirits. It was something I just assumed everyone could do. Then on my 10th birthday, I vividly remember running into my backyard crying to the heavens with my arms stretched out asking, "Why am I here? I'm 10 years old now. I should  know by now."


Within a few years, during my pre-teen and teen years, I put most things spiritual aside. But, at the same time I couldn't forget that there was something so much more and bigger guiding me. 


I believe that the universe has a way of guiding us forward through our lives with the help of our inner knowing, our spirit guides and angels. As I grew into my adult years I began to honor and embrace my ability to connect with the spirit world, feel energy and I love having the opportunity to connect clients with their past loved ones, pets here or in spirit and how to work with energy by digging into my bag of energy tools. 


My promise is to always bring forth kind awareness and healing through love and spirit, whether it be animal or human.


I'm located in Northampton, MA to do readings via the internet, phone or email. When Covid-19 is a distant memory, in person readings will be available again.