Personal Energy Clearings:

What? What are you talking about?
We’re all affected by the subtle energy around us, although we often don’t realize it because it’s most often below our level of consciousness. Maybe you remember a time that something just didn’t feel right when you walked into a room, a home, or down a street. We pick up the subtle energies around us where ever we go. Such as in the workplace, shopping, in restaurants, and near electrical currents. Then there’s the build up of stress we’ve created ourselves currently and over our life time. 


Personal clearings help to balance these energies that are leaving you stuck, tired,

and feeling there are fewer choices in life.

I use a pendulum, a dowsing instrument, that affects the brainwaves.  Basically how it works is I fall into synchronism with you by using the pendulum as my tool to do so. This works in person or remotely because it’s all about energy, which knows no boundaries.
Sessions can be completed in person, but most are done remotely followed by a call or email message. Clearings can also be accomplished on Facetime or Zoom, which I recommend for at least the first session. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Cost: 5 Sessions for $20 or 10 Sessions for $35

Energy Clearings
$20 & $35