Holistic Energy Coaching

Wellness Coach

What is a Holistic Energy Coach?


I guess the answer may depend on who you talk to. 


What it means to me is, it’s a way to help someone see how they can improve their life by looking at the different parts; the body, mind, the home, the soul, to see where they can make positive changes. 


I use an integrative approach to address one’s overall health on all levels of your being. Several modalities are used to make and/or tweak those lifestyle changes to improve your health in body, mind, and spirit.


Together we'll look at nutrition patterns and habits, relationships, body fitness, as well as your home and work environment. It’s rarely just one thing that’s out of alignment. You are a whole person with a history that lives in an environment made up of many people, places, and experiences. Together we'll address the whole you.


Making more sense now? 


My area of expertise addresses the four basic parts of who you are, the body, mind, home, and spirit. Tweaking even just one or two of these areas can have a huge impact because it’s about energy and how it flows. I’m always amazed at how this works. Clean up your desk and move a few things this way or that and then before you know it, your business takes a big leap. Crazy yes! But it happens. 


I combine my knowledge and training in several modalities and practices, along with years of experience to help you make the changes you want in your life. Together we'll look at the whole you. If you feel stuck on some issue(s), I’ve got that covered as well. In addition to looking at the physical you and your environment, we’ll do some soul searching by tapping into your subconscious. This can be eye opening or give you confirmation on what you’ve already been thinking about. 


First we’ll start with a free consultation by phone to decide if what I offer feels right for you. Then we'll go from there with any further details. Absolutely no pressure, I promise. 

To book your free consultation, email me at HERE with "coaching" in the subject box. Include your name, location (time zone), the best times to reach you, a few dates and your phone number. I'll either call or email you to set up a date and time. 


I look forward to speaking with you.




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My certifications & trainings include:

*Certified classroom teacher 30+yrs.

*Certified Feng Shui consultant

*Certified De-cluttering Coach

*Certified Color Coach

*Certified Yoga teacher for 20+yrs.

*Certified Card Reader

*Certified Advanced Level Thai Bodyworker

*Certified Animal Communicator

*Trained Energy Clearer 

*Practicing/trained Medium 

*Trained in using Essential oils

*Years of Study in nutrition 

15+ years of volunteer service for The Seeing Eye®